Fresh Produce Centre

DPA and Frugi Venta proudly present the Fresh Produce Centre. The organisation that speaks with one voice on behalf of the fruit and vegetable sector.

The Fresh Produce Centre is the organisation that speaks with one voice on behalf of the fruit and vegetable sector and that efficiently organises activities.



Nutrition and Health

The Fresh Produce Centre wants to encourage the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Including through pursuing community discussions with allies. A good example of this is the independent Fresh Initiative Think Tank. A broad social representation ranging from health insurers to Ngos and from education to retail, has thought about actions that can contribute to increased fruit and vegetable consumption. Wageningen University has also identified opportunities. The next step is to form alliances in which business, government and science collaborate closely on starting promising projects.

Food Safety

Our sector has to keep up a good name in the area of food safety. Consumers want to know where their food comes from and that it is safe. We also have to prove that as a sector. The Fresh Produce Centre proactively monitors the chain for risks and simulates incidents. Not only claiming but also proving. The community can rely on the professionalism of the sector.
 The Fresh Produce Centre develops and maintains knowledge systems in the sector that contribute to ensuring the international position of the fruit and vegetable sector. The Fresh Produce Centre provides practical input to (international) authorities for optimal food safety legislation and government oversight.

Market Issues and Statistics

Market knowledge about fruit and vegetables gives competitive advantage. The Fresh Produce Centre is the fruit and vegetable knowledge centre for information in the areas of production, trade, retail and the consumer. Sector statistics, market information and expert knowledge are collected and disseminated with the goal of strengthening the fruit and vegetable sector and to improve the position of companies. Sector statistics are also quite useful in emphasising the great importance of our sector to the government and other stakeholders. The members of the Fresh Produce Centre can rely on market information that can help them maintain or obtain an edge.
The Fresh Produce Centre actively contributes to market expansion, resolving trade barriers and gaining market access to previously inaccessible markets.

Logistics and ICT

The Fresh Produce Centre encourages and facilitates sector-specific developments in which the Netherlands retains and continues to develop its unique position as a logistical hub for fruit and vegetables. Both in hard logistics and in standardisation of electronic messages and other information technology. The Fresh Produce Centre supports companies in structural operational constraints.

Applying to all topics is that member contributions are guaranteed in Business Councils. These Business Councils represent both cultivation and trade. Active participation of members in the Fresh Produce Centre makes the Fresh Produce Centre a place where members feel at home and where their interests are looked after.